Sunday, 21 February 2010

3 weeks in

Well i've been here now 22 days. I haven't felt the desire to blog for a while because things aren't as shocking or amazing anymore. But that doesn't mean they're not still great, because i still look around in wonder at my new home. I still walk around with my head angled upwards at the neon signs advertising this and that on 10 or 20 storey buildings, i still discover new places and it amazes me that so many signs and things in general are written in english. Some shops, like Dominos pizza for one, don't have so much as word of Korean written on them, on any of the advertising boards or posters or even the boxes. Yet anyone over the age of about 20 seems to be particularly poor at speaking English. It's odd to think a group of Koreans will visit 'Molly's Coffee' and probably not know what the sign means, but they still go anyway.

As for the last few weeks, i'm getting used to things and feel very comfortable. Buses are still a bit of a hit and miss as the buzzers are hard to find and they have varying ways of paying. I also have tried very hard this weekend to find Cookie Plaza, which is a kind of oasis for western foods but so far it feels more like a mirage because it's just not where the maps say it is.

So last weekend was Lunar New Year and most people were with family or travelling. I went to a foreigner bar to meet a friend who didnt turn up for over 3 hours, but as usual i made friends with the one guy in there. He had been there for 6 years and spoke good Korean. He had been chatting up the bar girls and it was nice getting to talk to them as well. Later i met a bunch of Brits including a girl from Harrow and a few others i already knew. It was good hearing our accents again.

This week i mostly stayed home and saved money. Sandwiches here are incredible and at only 2000 won they are a bargain. Last night i went out and had a good time. Some highlights include: playing Rummie with Dannica, meeting Perry Saturn the former WCW and WWF wrestler and having a chat about all things wrestling, seeing Brittani dance, attempting to catch these little cardboardy snacks in my mouth that jen was throwing, meeting Wes (he said i was like a cross between Chris Martin and Thom Yorke!!!), trying to help 3 guys out of a lift who were trapped (all the might of myself, Wes and Chris and 2 guys on the inside of the lift was not enough to open it), seeing Autumn again and getting to hug Amanda for a while (i seem to like spreading the love after a lot of drinks), touching Owen's beard, seeing Jen happy, talking politics with Willie (or was that a lowlight, i'm not sure), talking to Dannica and trying to figure out if 'tall guy' was nice or not and later having my little pinkie crushed in the taxi car door by Willie (definitely a lowlight). Its strange that i sometimes feel shy and a little apprehensious about going out to bars, yet i have a great time and the people are so amazing and friendly. It seems theres always a lot of jokes to be had. 

Am i still enjoying it here? Absolutely!
Would I be happier back at home? No way.

I'd love to see family and friends again, especially my bro, Andre, Tai and parents (among others) but at this point, it feels like a worth while trade to be around such a good bunch of people here, to have repsonsibility and a respectable occupation and a decent chance to save money and a sense of adventure that every day brings. I would thoroughly recommend the experience.

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